Whether it’s your first child or another addition to your growing family, the first few days and weeks being at home can be hectic and demanding. We offer night nannies and newborn nannies that are specially trained to meet those needs.

The night nanny attends to your child's needs throughout the night: resettling, feeding, changing and encouraging the establishment of a regular sleeping routine to help your family get a good night’s sleep. The comforts of having a night nanny who will care for your infant so you can rest peacefully are unsurpassed.

Newborn specialists are individuals with an abundance of experience caring for newborns. Some of our newborn specialists have over twenty years of experience and come from medical backgrounds. These specialists are called upon to help recuperating mothers just after childbirth. They typically come into the home for a couple of nights to several months after the child is brought home and can help the parents in a number of ways such as: learning to care for the baby and nighttime feedings, teaching the baby to self-soothe, changing the baby, burping mid-way through feedings, and resettling the baby afterwards. They also can assist the mother if she is breastfeeding, as well as teaching bathing, cord care, circumcision care, and other baby hygiene skills. These professionals know many helpful tips that can be of use to any family with a new baby in their home!

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