Whether for your family or for a family you know, these packages make it easier than ever to tap into the services we offer. When choosing a package, you can choose whether to hire a night nanny or newborn specialist (What’s the difference?) To hire a night nanny or newborn specialist, families must first register with our Agency. Please contact our Agency for details.

1) "Shut Eye" – the night nanny or newborn specialist will arrive in the evening and leave the following morning. The main purpose of this package is to provide the baby with nurturing support during the night, which allows you to get a good night’s sleep. There is a 10 hour minimum required.

2) "Sweet Dreams" the night nanny or newborn specialist will arrive around dinner time and stay late into the next morning, allowing mom to sleep in. She can help with dinner preparation, loading the dishwasher, and baby's laundry if time permits. There is a 15 hour minimum required.

3) "Dreams do Come True" – the night nanny or newborn specialist will arrive at the time you request and stay for a 24 hour period. She will provide all services listed in the “Sweet Dreams” package, and can also assist with light cleaning and additional child care if needed.

4) “Rest Assured” – we will take care of it! This daytime package is designed to assist your family with errands, grocery shopping and the miscellaneous you just can’t get to!  $35 per hour. There is a 2 hour minimum required.  

Prices for Night Nanny services are as follows:

$23-$27 per hour for singleton

$27-$30 per hour for twins
$30-$33 per hour for triplets
Newborn specialist hourly rates range from $23 -$33 per hour, depending on the number of  infants and job responsibilities

Our Agency referral fee is $50 per night.

Gift certificates are available.